Marketing Analysis : Supercharge B2b Marketing With Crm Integration

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Supercharge B2B Marketing with CRM Integration to Your eCommerce Platform

Supercharge B2B Marketing with CRM Integration to Your eCommerce Platform
B2B Companies can reap enormous benefits from the convergence of marketing and customer relationship management software because full ERP integrations not only generate sales opportunities and leads but also optimize marketing automation, email campaigns, paid and generic searches, website effectiveness and many other B2B marketing applications. The effort needed to integrate a CRM system fully separates B2B companies that value and exploit their customer service efforts from those that just go through pro forma efforts that seldom generate marketing benefits. The incredible benefit of integration is that many marketing initiatives can be scheduled automatically without involving staff effort and expense.

Improving Performance with a Stronger Leads-to-Sales Conversion Strategy
Designing a CRM system to work with sales and marketing is similar to trying to make an apple and orange pie -- the ingredients, cooking processes and flavor profiles are too dissimilar to provide appealing results without a sound strategy and separate processes. CRM software uses transaction-processing techniques to record sales while marketing uses an analytical approach. That makes it difficult to automate marketing efforts with legacy CRM systems because they 're just not structured to mine data from existing sales and customer buying behavior that’s…

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