Marketing Analysis : Old Spice 's ' I Am The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Campaign

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Have you ever wondered after watching a certain commercial how or why the product from the commercial was so memorable that it either made you buy or consider buying the product? If you experienced this you are probably the companies target audience and the commercial was well done. Old Spice is a popular American company that creates male grooming products such as shampoo, deodorant, after shave and shower gel that have been widely used by men in North America. Old Spice’s “I Am the Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign became a viral success it accumulated millions of YouTube views and has been played during the super bowl and many other popular television programs. For a commercial to be effective it must clearly inform you of the existence of the product, explain its capabilities and convince why one would need the product using the power sociological strategies to appeal the audience. Old Spice’s “I Am the Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign is no exception. The reason why the commercial is so effective is its uses gender stereotypes and sexual themes to appeal to both sexes, distorts the reality of an ideal man in modern, uses luxurious imager to create prestige and add value. As stated before one of the one of the reasons why this commercial is so effective is because it appeals to both sexes. A reason why a company selling a product for men would want to appeal to women as well is because men buy products that they think will attract women. So if women think…

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