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The main reasons for Australian pork exports to Singapore increased from 60,000 kg in 1998 to 28.8 m.kgs by 2001, which included:

Market Orientation - Define clear and success marketing plan ◆ In 1996 and 1997 Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) appeared in Taiwan’s and South Korea, people started to pay more attention and awareness on the safety of livestock. In addition of the “Nipah” virus appeared Malaysia in late 1998 and which amplified the customers needs and demands on virus free livestock. ◆ Maximize the exchange of value by Australia Pork Industry, Confederation of Australian Pork Exporters (CAPE), had been formed with the NPIDP funds, after several pre-market development program, industry review and training such as NPIDP,
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◆ Build up strong brand preference of customer with using the intangible asset of Australia’s. It’s isolated location and with stringent regulations, has successful keep country free from major cattle and livestock disease. , ◆ Create brand logo with a cute plump, pink flying pig, customer would be interest and tempted to take the brand, and with “A” print at the cape of the pinky pig, remind customer that all pig flying from Austria. ◆ The brand of Airpork –means air –freighted pork from Australia and excusive for Singapore. Create strong product differentiation from frozen meat and build up relationship with Singaporean. ◆ Apply company value proposition,-healthier more nutritious from Australia to tackle customers with concern on health and safe food.

4Ps Marketing Mix
◆ Build up customer trust to Airpork with providing high quality and safety pork meet with HACCP requirement, which have strong differentiation of other pork providers, which included requirement on biological standards (free from various micro-organisms that can cause human illness), chemical standards (guaranteeing the human housing, feeding and management of stock) free of GMOs, quality standards (giving recommendations on the handling of pigs, leading up to slaughter), and management standards (helping producer to continually improve their quality assurance system.).

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