Market Plan of Htc Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Presentation of HTC Corporation
HTC Corporation (HTC) is a Taiwanese operation founded in May 1997 in Taiwan, which is one of the most influential, creative and leading players in global telecommunications with an n increasing influence in the industry’s future (HTC quietly billion, 2012). HTC’s portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the Android and HTC Sense™ operating systems (HTC Annual Report, 2010). Focusing on smartphone market; devoting to innovation and design in the mobile phone industry; and committing to develop exceptional technology and products to cater for the diverse and exceed needs of users are HTC’s current brand strategies. In addition, HTC response to market changes fast and provides
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2.13 Technological factors
Contemporary technological innovation within the telecommunication industry is a key for differentiation in the Australian smartphone industry. It’s creates the new ways to capture, store, transport, process and display information (Jokinen, 1996). Technology innovations provide multitudinous methods for communicating, easily and immediately connecting run through people’s active lifestyle. Internet speed is an important factor in both smartphone and computer market. With the advent of 4G, the technology environment is more favourable, these lead to more intense competition. Smartphone manufacturers are constantly developing to satisfy the demands of consumers.

2.14 Social-cultural factors
Social-cultural influences the adoption and proliferation of new communication and information technologies (Jokinen, 1996). As a high-speed connectivity, smartphones become a requirement of both personal use and business work. In addition, it becomes a vehicle, not only for personal communication but also entertainment, m-commerce, mobile navigation, social networking, and replacing comparable portable electronics in the process.
Multiple social media sharing service and information through smartphone web, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instant Messenger create mobile applications

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