SWOT Analysis Of Motorola

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This report is basically highlighting the Motorola company research analysis of product performance and product development. The product of the company was doing fine in the mobile technology market but suddenly it sales started to decline. The major focus or aim is to identify and figure out the problems from which the company’s progress is now suffering and to identify the best strategies /implementation which are required for the company’s high margins. Report will also discuss the SWOT analysis of the company to know the strengths weaknesses opportunities and their threads in the market. And as the supporting tool is used in the report is fish bone diagram which is clearly analysis the exact situation of the company and their
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• Because of this Consumer perception for Motorola isn’t good and it’s a big threat for Motorola.
• In foreign markets the currency fluctuation is also big threat.


The major issues and problem which came up regarding the performance of the Motorola are encountered are that this is a technology time and in this present technology time, we need to upgrade and be in the market according to the trend and according to the needs and requirement of the market. However the innovation is the most important part of this technological market. If companies miss any of these factors they start to have downfall. Motorola is now suffering such problems in which some of them are presented below:

1. Motorola was slow in production and in innovation:
Motorola was slow in production and in execution when the technology was changing rapidly Motorola production wasn’t fast and this dissatisfied its customers.

2. Motorola missed the movement to 3G:
Motorola missed the most important attribute which could have stood it out in the competitors. The biggest demand of the wireless customers was being neglected by the Motorola that is 3g internet. The fastest internet in the device was missing which is for the wireless
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Motorola didn’t go with the time:
Obviously this is a serious reason because when the technology took a step towards new way Motorola was at its own pace and didn’t move with the market trends and failed due to this reason.

The fish bone diagram is also known as the cause and effect. The fish bones diagram helps in identifying the cause of the failure of the company and also helps in the possible effects of it.

There are number of factors which need to be considered in the gap filing are that the Motorola company has to come back in the market by doing research in the market that what exactly customers want in the devices. As the competition in the business is really difficult and enough Motorola needs to be little careful with new technology and innovative move to be the best among the competitors. To be the dominants leader in the market, the marketing and brand image for the multinational companies matters a lot. Motorola is struggling from the telecommunication device failure and as well as with the company division which diminished the company’s performance and productivity. Motorola also have to eliminate the other different types of devices and it needs to just concentrate on the one single device with the great package of features which greatly capture the market and makes the best comeback in the market. The company has the potential to be back and beat the competitors and lead the

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