Mark Zuckerberg leadership theory Essay

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Date & Time of Submission 21/01/2015

Student’s Name: Michael Stachtouris

Tutor’s name: Emmanouel Skoulas

Course: EXECUTIVE MBA (Bolton University)

Module: Leadership management

Assignment’s title: Personal Development Plan-Reflective Essay


By coincidence on May 14, 1984 the same year that released its revolutionary Mac computer, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born. It was clear to everyone close to him that Mark was special since his early years. Nowadays his name is written in history as the youngest billionaire or more common, the Facebook’s founder. At his 28th birthday, just 8 years after he conceived the idea of the
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Mark demonstrated in numerous occasions his assertiveness and his energy; while he was building Facebook as much in the court when he was standing alone defending himself against the lawyers of his enemies and his ex-friends. Furthermore his talk ability and his communication skills are undisputed since he argued down a lot of persons while he was defending his concept idea around Facebook, although he impressed a lot of people with his presentation and persuasion skills. Till recently when Mark was on a business trip in China –the only country in the world that Facebook is banned by federal law- he dazzled everyone when he started speaking Chinese fluently during his speech in Beijing. The hefty extraversion led Mark into successfulness, wealth and prosperity. Ricky Griffin and Gregory Moorhead (2010) argue that agreeableness refers to a person’s ability to get along with others. Agreeableness causes some people to be gentle, cooperative, forgiving, understanding and good-natured in their dealings with others. But it also results in others being irritable, short-tempered, uncooperative and generally antagonistic toward other people. It is said that Mark was not always an easy-going person, particularly during the period that he was programming the Facebook. Back then he was more of a manager because Facebook was his idea and not a leader as he developed

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