Marijuana Should Be Legalized

The legalisation of Marijuana has been a hotly debated topic for decades. In the eyes of many Marijuana is believed to be the weed from the devil’s garden, while others believe it is completely harmless. Marijuana should be legalised for medical purposes and remain illegal for recreational use. Medical Marijuana should be legal because of its power to act as an effective painkiller and can greatly assist with mitigating the effects of many diseases. Marijuana should remain illegal for recreational use because it’s effects on people 's mental and physical health and the power it has to addict people and destroy their lives. By setting up laws to protect the use of marijuana it can be a useful medicine to help people in need.

Marijuana, despite being illegal is almost socially accepted by society. It is a commonly used psychoactive drug. It is widely used and is the most highly used illegal drug in the world. Marijuana is used by a wide range of people and has a lot of support for decriminalising it. People often argue that there are more social problems caused by other medicines therefore Marijuana should be legal The movement to legalise medical marijuana is on the rise and will be seen more commonly in many parts of the globe. However recreational marijuana has it’s downsides and argued by many that it threatens public safety and has negative
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A major disadvantage of medical Marijuana is the effects is has to the body. Frequent use of Marijuana can seriously damage your short term and long term memory loss. Marijuana is a very addictive drug. If you start it’s very hard to stop. Patients and people will become more reliant on marijuana and when it 's time for them to go off the pills there mind and body will be craving it and can suffer from withdrawal. Another problem with medical marijuana is the consumption through smoking or vaping can damage lung tissue and potentially lead to lung

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