Manifest Destiny By John O ' Sullivan Essay

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In the 1840’s newspaper editor John O’Sullivan first used the term “Manifest Destiny” when he wrote to promote the annexation of Texas. The term then began to shape into two major outlooks as to what is “Manifest Destiny ” truly meant. The first is what O’Sullivan described the need for the land to the west as our “God given right.” He influenced many Americans with this, saying he himself had spoken to God. The spark of interest in the western migration was due to the economic dislocation and the absence of cheap land. The second belief was Americans we should want to spread our great government of democracy west, until the entire continent was freed and became a part of the Union. This is acceptable in the eyes of Americans because these other people still had no organized government and need the guidance of the U.S. people differ in there understanding depending on the patriotism for there country or religious giving right from God. Manifest Destiny became the belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continent was both warranted and unavoidable.
Manifest Destiny was used as an argument for and against wars of conquest. Arguments for the war of expansion were that the U.S had a God given right to expand its borders, but not only did the government need to adapt the increasing population but it was the United States obligation to bring western culture and influences of democracy across through the west. Argument against Manifest Destiny and the war was…

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