Collective Bargaining Essay

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This is the process where two employers and a group of employees negotiate within an aim of reaching agreements to regulate working conditions. The employee’s interest is represented at a trade union where the employee belongs by representatives. These negotiations usually amount to collective agreements such as working hours, set out wage scales, health, training and safety. Negotiation occurs between the union and a single employer or a group of businesses depending on the country to reach an industry wide agreement. This agreement functions like a labor contract between representatives of a union and employers in respect to terms and conditions of employment. The result of the negotiations is usually referred to as collective bargaining …show more content…
Both parties of the Bargaining teams have a duty to debate in good faith the mandatory subject of collective bargaining.

The mandatory subjects that must be inclusive of the bargaining plan
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Seniority rights-it should be agreed as to what rights the senior employees are entitled to.

Job classification system-The employer should table his job classification scheme on the table so that the trade union can deliberate it and either endorse it or provide an alternative work around.

Cost of living adjustment clause-The remuneration offered to the employees should be structured in such a manner that it is always aligned according to the cost of living.

Other mandatory subjects that require deliberation during collective bargaining include: Subcontracting of bargaining unit work, Life insurance, Joint Union management cooperation plan, Paid lunch period ,Leave of absence, Health and accident insurance, Job promotion criteria and procedure, Job transfer rights and procedure among other mandatory subjects.

More mandatory bargaining conditions continue to arise with changing conditions. The bulk of the collective bargaining meetings comprise of the mandatory bargaining subjects. It is not easy for the management to change or breach the mandatory bargaining agreement since it a binding document that is admissible in

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