Managing People and Organizations Essay

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Managing People and Organisations
According to Katz’s theory managers require three of this following skills to be successful at their job, conceptual, interpersonal and technical (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2008). Katz also believed that the top management would require more conceptual skills then the rest and the middle management would require more interpersonal skill then the rest followed by the low management that requires technical skill the most. In this essay I would be looking into how Katz theory works and shows that all managerial roles in an organization requires interpersonal skills (Human skills) and whether there are other theories that would support his ideas.

(Haddon, 1999) Peter Haddon stated that
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Charlie Bell was able to succeed in this industry because he had a good deal of interpersonal skills. Rising from just a small time employee in McDonalds, he had to do jobs ranging from flipping burgers to serving customers. Charlie bell was then promoted to be the youngest store manager of Macdonald in the world. His ability to recognize faces and being able to maintain a good relationship with the staff allowed him to climb even further up. Till the day he became the CEO of McDonalds he would still make time to go down to each restaurant chains for a surprise visits just to interact with front line staffs. This showed that his social and interpersonal skills are very good. But the question is, are they required at his level of management? According to Daniel Goleman (Goleman, 2011), Co-Director of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations at Rutgers University, who did a report on Harvard business review clearly shows that interpersonal skills indeed helped Charlie bell propel towards being one of the greatest leaders in the business world.

According to Daniel (Goleman, 2011), to be a CEO or a first tier manager, you would require to lead. Thus, CEOs or first tier managers would require an additional interpersonal skill set, which includes listening, communicating, persuading and collaborating. He recently had an interview with the chairman of East Coast Tink Tank and was told that they had to let a newly hired CEO go

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