Managing Organizational Change Essay

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Daniel LeBlanc
Managing Organizational Change
BUS600 Management Communication with Tech Tools
Professor Emmanuel Lewis
November 16, 2009

Organizational change is any action or set of actions resulting in a shift in direction or process that affects the way an organization works. Change can be deliberate and planned by leaders within the organization (i.e., migrating from legacy technology to new improved Internet Protocol infrastructure), or change can originate outside the organization (i.e., new government regulatory process) and be beyond its control. Change may affect the strategies an organization uses to carry out its mission, the processes for implementing those strategies, the tasks and functions performed by the
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In addition, having clear goals helps the organization assess its progress during the change process. One general strategy is to look for natural opportunities to effect change. In other words, search for natural connections among existing programs, events, communication channels, activities and the change program. If natural connections emerge, utilize them to enhance change efforts. For example, development of teams or introduction of case management could be linked with programs to improve functionality across departments, consequently opening up opportunities for creative collaborations and partnerships that might otherwise be overlooked. Clear concise communications about the need for change, the vision, and the change process pave the way for understanding and acceptance. The rule of thumb is to use all available methods of communication to stakeholders and staff including: meetings or retreats, e-mail, department newsletters, bulletins, posters, and, in some instances, one-on-one meetings with staff members, particularly those who are having difficulty accepting the change. Managers need to be aware that communication is a continuous process and that messages related to the change effort require constant reinforcement. The change process should be a regular item on meeting agendas, successes should be publicized, and participants commended for their efforts. Leaders need to identify barriers

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