Managing Information Technology Project Management Essay example

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In today’s era of fast changing technology, broadband, super computers, nano technology, bio-technology and the wireless, electronic systems and communication play a very crucial role in our everyday lives. Since a very young age, I have been highly passionate about the design and efficiency of a system or product. Be it a structure for a house, process, system or an organization, my mind is always devising methods to improve a process or designing new means for a product, to yield it’s maximum potential.

Having completed my Bachelors in Industrial Engineering, a study, whose core focus is to optimize a system or a process by eliminating resources that do not generate value, along with gaining real time experience on projects that correspond to improving current systems, I now feel the need to gain an in depth understanding of Managing Information Technology projects which would help me work towards achieving my end goal of playing a pivotal role in Project Management.

As part of my Industrial Engineering course, I had the opportunity to work on an assembly line as a Manufacturing Engineering Co-op for Vicor Corporation- a company that designs and manufactures power components. My responsibilities included writing Process flows for the assembly line operations, create and improve assembly line layouts, and devise other methods that would yield for a more efficient process. It was after my first co-op and a combination of three classes after – Engineering Project…

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