Management and Innovation Essay

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Management, Innovation and Organizational Performance
Innovation is central to the understanding of how organizations sustain themselves over a certain period of time. This is because innovation enables organizations to create or generate new and multiple products and services. The process of innovation among organizations is to develop the basis of assessing creativity among organizations. More so, it enables managers to identify measures aimed at improving or changing organizational operations and functions. Through management innovation, new measures to plan, organize, coordinate, lead, and motivate the organization are identified. This can lead to achievement and sustenance of a
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They have to utilize their capabilities to plan, manage and sustain innovation. This involves supplying resources such as those required by staffs to undertake organizational operations and functions effectively and efficiently. The staffs on the other hand should have varied skills to ensure the organization develops diversely. Lastly, an organization should enhance its capability to build its core competencies. This is because core competencies build an organizations level of new knowledge and insights through specific innovations such as product, service, and process innovation (Gary 1).
Types of innovation
Innovation in Organizational Processes and Systems The overall definition of innovation is the creative process of developing and designing ideas and technological procedures to enhance operations and functions undertaken within organizations (Deborah 2). Thus, this type of innovation identifies new and fresh ideas, uses, and users of organizational technological, marketing, logistics, and distribution procedures by combining various operations and functions in the organization neither familiar nor imitated as they are new to the world developing a powerful and viable innovation capability to address global demands can be challenging (Benn and Danny 378). Innovation in Product and Service Offerings This type of innovation refers to the process of creating and launching new products and services provided to the market. The process

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