Management Strategies For Effective Management Essay

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Proper management is one of the most important factors to consider in order to be effective and efficient in the workplace. Properly implemented management strategies can help the organization flourish and move in the right direction. Although effective management can be costly, I believe it is important to consider the opportunity costs of not being effective. The problems of ineffective management can lead to poor performance by lower and higher employees and can cripple even the most resilient of companies. There are a few areas that have caught my attention, and so I believe these are the most important issues with utmost priority. The areas of training, reward and compensation, and most importantly overall leadership are the areas lacking proper personnel/management creating issues. The three step process of: first initially identifying the problems throughout the organization, second we can create the appropriate strategy needed to help employees/management, and third we implement and reflect on said strategies outcome.
The organization being in a decline stage of growth I believe that management should be open to suggestions and explore the possibilities. With that being said, in order to continue in the industry there are a few options that can help the company, such as possible mergers, innovation with product or service provided, or through, effective management. With proper training this can help employees have clearly defined goals. This means that employees and…

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