Negative Influence: Positive Leadership In The Workplace

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Positive Influence
Positive Leadership in the workplace is essential to produce phenomenal results. Teams of employees receiving positive reinforcement have the best chance for success. One often hears the negativity associated with the workplace. When one hears positive feedback on a consistent basis, one will eventually be conditioned to quality work performance consistently. It is essential for leaders to utilize this positive reinforcement as they strive to develop their employees. In November 2012, Rebecca Michelle wrote an article titled, Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace. The article provided a great example of reinforcement in practice. In 2006, a branch manager of a Sears Department Store in Pennsylvania was having a difficult time getting his staff to prompt customers to apply for Sears credit cards. Customers had continually said “No,” whenever asked, and this negative reinforcement had resulted in the employees no longer trying. The branch manager decided to try a different approach using reinforcement methods to motivate employees. He offered his employees a bonus on their
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More employers should realize that even the smallest form of appreciation is essential. Effective communication is of equal importance so the employee specifically understands the comments being made. Positive reinforcement can also be utilized in a negative environment. First the leader can start with a comment regarding what the employee excels at. Secondly, a leader can show appreciation; however, get their performance improvement recommendations conveyed at the same occurrence. In a workplace a true leader will not show favoritism towards only one group of employees. It will prove important to maintain consistent communications with the entire staff. A leader should not avoid communicating work performance issues; however, the communications can be done in a positive

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