Management Of A Company 's Operations Essay

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Operations Management Management of a company’s operations is an important function of any business as it helps in product management, services, process and the management of the chain of supply. It looks at the development, acquisition and the resources utilization that the firm needs to ensure that the delivery of services and goods is done according to their client’s preferences. The transformation of the inputs in the operations model is important in ensuring that the company enhances its profitability making the department to be viewed as the core of any institution. The management of operations is quite cumbersome as they have to deal with the offices, factories, centers of distribution and stores and coordinating how they operate their chain of supply. Nissan has several objectives that guide its performance in the different areas such as be recognized as the best in the market through offering their customers with value and quality services and products. The company aims to become the best company that incorporates technology to enhance its excellence and a leader in the market and also to continue generating profits to enhance their operations that reflect to the growth of the company. Nissan creates value by ensuring that their systems are flexible in that they closely monitor the processes of the supply chain and ensure that the coordination and controls in place help in solving crisis as soon as they arise. The staffs that deal with operation at Nissan are…

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