Management Development Approaches Must Target Specific Weaknesses And The Psychological Underpinnings

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Belasen (2012), emphasizes that management development approaches must target specific weaknesses and the psychological underpinnings, surpassing the typical “shotgun” approach of offering the same leadership training to all managers. This paper will examine both my strengths and weaknesses upon re-completing of the Competing Values Skills profile and outline a specific Personal Leadership Development Plan. First, I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses associated with these updated results after applying the knowledge this course have offered me. Next, I will outline my improvement plan over a 30, 60, and 180 day period. Finally, I will discuss my plan on how I will evaluate my progress and adjust accordingly.
Belasen (2000), acknowledges that personal and corporate self-evaluations can help manager’s diagnose their roles and skills, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans for performance breakthroughs. We learn that the Competing Values Framework (CVF) portrays the inherent contradictions facing organizations and managers along two axes or dimensions. In order to lead across these inherent competency contradictions self-assessments and effectively developed personal leadership plans will allow leaders like myself to remedy competency deficiencies and become a high performance manager.
Strengths and Weaknesses Although I am now equipped with more knowledge of the CVF, decision making skills, and assessing mental frames and cultures,…

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