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Introduction to American Business
College of Adult Professional Studies
Course Number: BUS105


Course Overview

Introduction to American Business will take you on a journey of understanding the science of business. Even though new business applications are emerging some foundational principles remain unchanged. This course will include both basic business applications and new emerging trends.

As you read the material and interact with classmates you will gain a greater understanding of entrepreneurship, quality of life, revenue, profit and loss, risk taking, production and return on investment. The course will highlight the importance of finance, the role of a financial manager, where to get long term
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• Understand the following and how they impact business operations: o Global Markets o Ethics and Social Responsibility o Entrepreneurship o Management and Leadership o Information and Technology o Human Resources o Accounting and Financial Management

Course Materials

Nickels, W. G., McHugh, J. M., & McHugh, S.M. (2010). Understanding business (9th ed.). New York, New York: Irwin/McGraw Hill.

Course Structure

Introduction to American Business allows you to explore the science using a variety of learning opportunities and tools. The course is structured into two sections; the Learning Activities and the Learning Medium. During each workshop you will be provided with a structured opportunity to share and apply the information learned.

The Learning Activities portion of this course consists of four learning components; reading assignments, individual study, discussion forums and team assignments. The Learning Medium provides a variety of methods by which the learner can access and learn information. You will research information using the course textbook, web-based links, library resources and professional interviews. Throughout the course you will write reflective papers using workplace experience and personal life applications, analyze real-world cases, work within a group (faculty to assign) and discuss business concepts

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