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M5A1: Critical Analysis of “Spirituality as a Predictive Factor for Signing an Organ Donor Card” a Quantitative Research Study

NUR 430
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This paper is a critical analysis of the article “Spirituality as a Predictive Factor for Signing an Organ Donor Card”. The research was preformed by Anat Peles Bortz, RN, PhD, Tamar Ashkenazi, RN,PhD, and Semyon Melnikov, RN, PhD. The research was accepted for publication in 2014. The research was presented at the 25th International Nursing Research Congress Symposium in 2014 in Hong Kong. The research appears in Sigma Theta Tau International, Journal of Nursing Scholarship 2015. The research looked at two groups of people in Israel, those who signed an organ donor card
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The humility of this fact is that it belittles the importance of the organ donor card as an avenue to guarantee organ donation consent, and as a way to increase available organs (Bortz, 2015). This is significant because there are not enough organ donations to cover the need for organ transplant. In 2014 The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that, in the United States there were 123, 851 people on the organ transplant wait list but of those, only 29,532 people actually received organ transplants (, n.d.). By contract, In Israel, that same year, only 1,075 patients were registered on the transplant waiting list. The authors pose a practical need for this research to be explored.
Literature Review Bortz et al, (2015) reviewed, referenced, and drew knowledge from an extensive list of other articles/studies relevant to their topics under study. This was an appropriate measure for their quantitative research. Previous studies revealed that spirituality is difficult to measure, that religious beliefs have a direct effect on signing (or not signing) an organ donor card, that there is a correlation between spirituality and sense of purpose, that people with altruistic motivation are more likely to donate, and attitudes about organ donation can affect SODC (Bortz et al, 2015).
Polit and Beck (2015) define a hypothesis as “a statement of predicted relationships between variables or predicted

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