Essay about Management and Diversity

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Megan Gregor

Managing Careers and Diversity

HRM 565: Developing Human Capital

Dr. Geraldine Puleo

Strayer University

December 16, 2012


Susan Jackson states in Diversity in the Workplace: Human Resource Initiatives that, “Surveys of business leaders confirm the perception that interest in managing diversity successfully is widespread. In a study of 645 firms, 74% of the respondents were concerned about diversity, and of these about one-third felt that diversity effected corporate strategy.” This means that the majority of organizations feel diversity is important, and see the need to take action, however; implementing the process can be more difficult. This paper will outline a human resources
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Through starting the diversity strategies at the top and including additional manager throughout the company shows that this initiative is not a fad and that it is being taken seriously. The council will begin the inclusion and diversity process and communicate to managers and the overview the hiring and team the employees that make up the organization. In addition to the council, managers that recruit and hire employees will go through interviewing skills and be required to have a diverse slate based upon the geographic location. Adding more diverse candidates to the interview process gives managers the opportunity to hire more diverse candidates if they are the most qualified for the position. Interviewing more diverse candidates, allows more opportunity to hire and retain a diverse workforce. This will lead to less discrimination lawsuits based on hiring and retaining more diversity within the organization. Another key point is developing and engaging the talent that the organization currently has. This would include promotions of internal candidates. This type of development would include mentoring groups that could be utilized through the employee network groups. This would reach all levels of employees throughout the organization. Finally, there will be training for all employees in regards to diversity and inclusion,

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