Malnutrition In College Students

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Grabbing a snack on your way to a four hour lecture can seem like a great idea to help you get through your day. Even though that snack might seem harmless and even delicious, can turn out to be a bad choice. It can affect your whole learning process for that lecture, from reducing your attention span, to simply focusing on your stomach ache and not the lecture. There is a huge problem within the collegial student community and their dietary habits. Little known to most students, how you eat directly affects your scholarly performance and physical health on top of that. By collecting evidence through various methods, the problem of malnutrition in the college student body can be clearly seen, and poses a real threat to both physiological and …show more content…
With the massive amounts of information available to almost everyone, it’s almost like every student is an expert on proper nutrition. Even when the survey was conducted 76% of students reported being properly educated on nutrition. Yet when observed, this proper education these students received did not exist. To solve the riddle, of who knows what and how much, I asked a local dietician Kimberly David to answer a few questions. Davis revealed that as much as 59% of college students are malnutrition due to high food costs or access to healthy foods. Also reported that most of the health issues that arise in an average person’s lifetime starts to develop in college years. Where the “I am too young to care” attitude can take a serious toll on your life-span. For example, my father has type 2 diabetes he managed to get himself while enjoying college life a little too hard. Now he has to spend the rest of his life, balancing his blood sugar and taking insulin. All of this could have been avoided if he simply, looked after his diet in college. David stated that “Proper nutrition is balance” she further explained that if a person wants a healthy life they need to make all of their meals nutritionally satisfactory for their body and be moderate with intake. If you don’t monitor your diet, you can end up with a serious health problem later down in

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