Making Observations And Learning About Textures Through Play Essay examples

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While at my practical placement, I spend at least an hour and a half each day with one of the kindergarten classes. During this time we have guided play. The activities vary each day, but are usually similar: play dough, counting, sorting toys in groups, painting, and writing names. I have noticed that every day during guided play the students are really doing science. They are constantly trying to figure things out through experimentation and observation, which in essence is what science is. For example, during my last visit I watched one student play in a big bin of corn. The corn was mixed in with other small objects with different textures and sizes, some acorns, some beads, and some rocks. This student was picking up objects and examining it. He then picked up many rocks and sorted them into a pile that only had smooth rocks. In this case the student was making observations and learning about textures through play. I 'm not sure if a teacher could have gotten this child to experience this inquiry without the child feeling as though he was playing.

My first day of placement, I was slightly horrified at the lack of structure in the kindergarten program. None of the children could sit still and receive instruction for any amount of time. They were constantly touching each other and making noises while the teacher was trying to explain what the student were supposed to do. After a few weeks of observing the students while they participated in guided play, I realized…

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