Making A Decision On A Business Deal Essay

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I recently had to make a decision on a business deal. Looking purely at the numbers my decision should have been straightforward. Yet I hesitated. You see my intuition or my gut feeling was not in agreement with the outwardly, more logical decision that analysis of the numbers was leading me to.

Offer A was more lucrative but I felt that the person making it would change their mind at a moment 's notice leaving me high and dry. I had more trust and respect for the person making Offer B. I felt that they would behave in a more trustworthy manner and that it would be a pleasure doing business with them. Through a mix-up in communications, although I didn 't know it at the time, while I was considering these two offers, the person making Offer A had already rescinded their offer. My intuition had been proved right. Fortunately, it was early enough in the deal that no irreparable damage had been done.

Intuition is often viewed more as a feminine trait but men use their intuition as well. Best-selling author, Marc Allen, reflecting on one of his mistakes regarding a business deal that went sour, said in a recent teleseminar,

"My first gut impression when I looked in his eyes was "Don 't trust this guy". That was my initial intuitive impression and ever since then I 've never denied that intuitive impression. I always wanted to meet people face-to-face. Just look in their eyes and you get a lot of intuitive information."

Allen 's intuition was proved right when the company…

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