Major Issues That Affect Today 's Generation And How The Children Are Different From Years Ago?

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“Behavior is the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.” ( It is evident that children’s behavior is getting much worse than better as years go by. There are many aspect contributing to the change in a child’s behavior within the passage of time. Children are more into drugs, violent video games, fighting, and sexual intercourses. This essay will discuss major issues that affect worse behavior in today’s generation and how the children are different from years ago. Most studies I read supports there are number of causes related to bad behaviors. “Researchers, from the universities of Pittsburgh and Rochester, noted that children with behavioral problems were twice as likely to be in low-income families and boys were twice as likely as girls to have problems.” (BBC News) In my opinion, child behavior is becoming much worse than with the passage of time because of the work in technology, electronics, and lack of parental guidance. In some articles that I read it states that children are becoming better and not worse as time passes by. “Some studies have found that children are becoming better and they are more intelligent and dynamic owing to the significant development of modern technology. They are getting mature, deep minded and understand how to deal with problems in every step of life.” ( “Cheryl Lemke, executive director of the Milken Exchange on Education technology, conducted an interview with…

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