Major Differences Between Transactional And Transformational Leadership

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7. Major differences between transactional and transformational leadership (Burns) Many studies today are being based off of the difference between transactional and transformational leaders. Transformational leaders focus on the process of revolutionizing and perfecting their followers to improve them and their goals. On the other hand, transactional leaders focus more on their own improvement through the use of giving-and-taking with their followers or others. Both leaders are hard workers but the differences between them are worth noting. Transformational leaders satisfy basic human needs such as emotional and standard needs of all human beings. Stellar transformational leaders develop trust and treat their followers as individuals. Sometimes followers feel degraded because they feel as if they are simply a follower. So to have a leader remind them how everyone is human and prompt them to recall their individuality encourages their leaders as they are progressing through their improvement. These leaders are excellent listeners and implement what they hear to how they are leading others. Transformational leaders motivate their followers to power through with the help of their guidance. Creating a connection with their followers and tending to their needs demonstrates their concern for the people they are helping.
A transactional leader works to meet their follower’s needs, with the motive of gaining for their own needs. Their methods of motivation are through incentives,…

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