Majestic Moment Reflection

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Introduction I have to admit that when I first started this journey, I did not understand the concept of achieving a majestic moment; I can’t quite remember basking in many of these types of moments. A majestic moment seems to be explained a temporary and often self-scene short minute of utopia or completeness. These experiences as described by Neck and Manz (2013), are self-rewarding, naturally rewarding, and self-induced. Neck and Manz (2013) also suggested that these moments can also be clouded by unfavorable and daunting tasks. In as much, Neck and Manz suggested several exercises that could help to alleviate the feeling of dread experienced when forced to complete the job.
Certain skill sets perpetuate the majesty of moment experienced. In fact, Neck and Manz (2013) argued that these skills should be implemented into the unpleasant activity in order to make the task more tolerable or even pleasant. Some of these
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In order to gain a new perception of how this task could be accomplished, I participated in the exercise suggested by Neck and Manz (2013). I identified three aspects of my work (accounting, communications, and investigations). I then considered the pleasant grounds of these aspects. In regards to the accounting, I focused on the fact that as a part of internal controls, the mere fact that the internal system of checks and balances are a means to safe guard the reported numbers of collections and offsets for the entire district and division. This particular task is daunting because it takes nearly an hour out of my day to complete; however, it does re-assures everyone involved that there are no misrepresentation of amount of monies collected and it removes the element of error in terms of loss preventions. In other words, it is our safety net and our system of

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