`` Maine 's First Graffiti Artist `` By Marcia Brown Essay

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In Marcia Brown’s article “Maine’s First Graffiti Artist,” Mike Rich was inspired by the beauty, creativity, and anonymity of graffiti. He has dedicated his life to this art form to allow people to see the beauty behind graffiti by using it for “positive messaging.” When Mike was 11, he was creating traditional art, but started painting graffiti to get away from the simplistic traditional art. Mike’s first most recognized mural was done with a team of 7 other artists that came together to paint a 1,500 square foot mural of the word “Portland” in all capital letters on the back wall of an asylum nightclub. This adventure has become the “brainchild” for Mike. The month long project brought the community together to gladly fund the supplies that his team needed to paint the mural. Mike continues to explain that graffiti’s visual roots derived from tagging, what he describes as the “art of vandalism.” He goes on to say that “the first time someone spray-painted letters and then outlined them in a second color - boom!” It’s an elaborate version of the graphics allowing the graffiti to be a recognizable style. Mike has gained national attention for his involvement in the nonprofit “Dunk the Junk” program. This program is designed to allow children to fight against child obesity through street art, hip-hop, and basketball. Mike travels to paint murals for different schools to help spread the awareness to kids and parents to “Dunk the Junk.” Mike believes that young audiences are…

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