Essay about Maine 's Congressional District Race Analysis

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Maine’s 2nd Congressional District Race Analysis
2016 seems to be the year of competitive races for America. The presidential election is neck and neck and Maine’s second district is in one of the most competitive battles for a seat in the House of Representatives. The second congressional district race for a seat in the House of Representatives will be a very competitive race for a multitude of reasons. The same candidates are running against each other that ran in the 2014 race. In 2014, Bruce Poliquin, Emily Cain and, Blaine Richardson ran against each other, Emily Cain lost by 5% to Poliquin. This year, in 2016, Cain and Poliquin are running against each other again but this time without a third party candidate. Maine’s second Congressional district will most likely elect Emily Ann Cain into the House of Representatives.
Bruce Poliquin was born in Waterville, Maine and attended the Philip Exeter academy in his youth and earned his bachelor 's degree from Harvard in 1976. He is the incumbent for this year’s House race and was elected in 2014. He is running again for re-election and is a member of the Nation Republican Congressional Congress’ Patriot Program. The purpose of Patriot Program is to help raise money and assist vulnerable incumbents seeking re-election. During his first House race in 2014, Poliquin ran against Emily Ann Cain and won by a mere 5%. In the primaries this past June he was not up against any other republican competition, and therefore was the only…

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