Main Juror Jury Functions

What is the main function of a jury? Why is this duty imposed on the jury? Why do you believe some people do not want to perform their duty by sitting on a Jury? What are some of the potential issues or risks if they do?
A juror, in this day and age, is needed in order for defendants to receive a fair and competent trial. Not every Juror, however, qualifies to attend a trial and determine the faith of the defendant. In order for a person to qualify as a juror, they are required to sustain certain functions in the court of law. That being said, the main function that a Juror must follow is the idea of determining who is a reliable witness and which statement is the most credible (Gardner and Anderson, 2010). Once the testimony has been evaluated
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Just because one gives an excuse as to why they can 't attend Jury duty, it doesn 't mean that it 'll be approved. That being said, there are four principles that must be used to excuse a Juror before a capital trial goes into effect. The first principle that will excuse a juror in a capital case is if he or she does not have full knowledge as to what capital punishment is and what it consist of (Gardner and Anderson, 2010). In other words, every Juror must know what they are putting themselves into when they are obligated to attend a case that may consist of the death penalty. The second principles, on the other hand, requires Jurors to use the law properly when it comes to capital punishment, for if a Juror is telling the judge in Voir Dire that he or she will not convict the defendant if he or she is going to trial for the death penalty, they will not be allow to join the Juror pool (Gardner and Anderson, 2010). No matter what religion the potential Juror is, everyone deserves justice. If, in the eyes of the law, the prosecution demonstrated enough evidence to convict and put someone to death, than it should be done accordingly. The third principle that will exclude a person from become a Jury in a capital case is the mental state of the person, for if the individual has amnesia or dementia, nine times out of ten, the person will be excused from the trial. The court officials need the proper person to remember all the testimonies and evidence obtained so a fair verdict could be given (Gardner and Anderson, 2010). The last thing the Justice System wants is to have a mistrial. In other words, a mistrial is likely if it 's later determined the Juror pool consisted of impaired people. The last and final principle that will eliminate a person from a capital case is if it 's determined that the judge treated a mentally incapable person unfairly (Gardner and Anderson, 2010). Even if the person 's

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