Compare And Contrast Vet Technician Essay

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Veterinarian vs. Veterinary Technician
What do you what to do after you graduate? What would you like to study? What do you enjoy doing? My answer to all of these questions has always been “I don’t know”. Now, as I reach the end of my senior year, only one idea is clear- I want to do something with animals. Right now with the research, I've done I have two main choices available- Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician. Now it's time to make the hard decision. Which job will be the most beneficial to me and my skills? Many people, right out of high school, chose to take the path of college (Comma). For a Veterinarian and a Veterinary Technician college is very different. Based on the names of the jobs many people think they would require close to the same schooling, but they don’t (dependent clause comma). In order to become a veterinarian you have to earn your doctor of veterinary medicine degree, which typically takes four years to complete after undergraduate school (Joyner, “what education do you need”). The doctor of veterinary medicine degree is designed to prepare participants for careers in private practice, research, or teaching (comma in series) (“Degree in Veterinary
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One of the main reasons that jump to people's attention is the pay. Money is very important in today’s society. Many people, when looking for a job, consider money as one of the main reasons that they want to pursue a career. A Veterinarian in the state of Michigan makes an average of 80,030 dollars a year (“Degree in Veterinary Medicine”). A Veterinary Technician makes an average of 24,430 dollars a year (“Veterinary Technician Job Duties”). Yes, there is a vast difference. Even though, two people could be doing close to the same job duties, they could both be using completely different skills. Before they could learn those skills they had to go to school. Therefore, their pay is based on the amount of training a person

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