Book Review: The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. In the first few chapters, it shows that life is like multiple roads that lead to beautiful destinations. It is 1962, in Jackson Mississippi. One of the main characters named Skeeter is a white woman trying to fit in the world of live. Another important character is Aibileen, who is a black maid who is demanded and take orders from white women. With the power of a white woman’s voice, Skeeter can help Aibileen and all the black men, children, and especially the women in America become equal. In the book Aibileen says, “We are here, equal yet separate.” (Stockett 57). In this journal, I will be predicting what would happen next. Also, evaluating one of the main characters, Aibileen.

G. Predicting
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Following this, it shows that the book that Skeeters is writing will be useless without the help of more than one black maid to help her out. Another way is Aibileen showing the other maids there is a good side in telling their stories in the book. The other maids think their will only be consequences if their “owners” knew who was part of the book. They could not afford being from a job that only a black woman could do. Last reason is that if there are more stories to be told then that means there will be more proven facts that the inequality of a white woman and a black women is not right. A way to show this from the book is when Skeeter says to Hilly about Minny (her maid), “Hilly why are you treating her like a wild animal with a disease?” (Stockett 54). This shows that Hilly is that kind of woman that treats her maid like a slave. Also, judging Minny for her color. Other consequences could happen if Skeeter and Aibileen do not keep this a secret. Another prediction that could happen with Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan and Aibileen Clark is that Hilly Holbrook and some other white woman will find out about their little secret and tell the police, then the police will have nothing to do other then bringing them to jail. One

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