Main Character In Everything, Everything Is Madeline Whittier And Olly

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MAIN CHARACTERS: The two main characters in the book Everything, Everything is Madeline Whittier and Olly (Oliver). Madeline Whittier is an eighteen-year-old girl who has a rare disease known as SCID. (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder) This practically means she's allergic to the world and can’t go outside, can’t go to school, and has to stay in an extremely clean environment. Madeline has puffy, curly hair, and smooth brown skin. She is stubborn, brave and an adventurous young woman who wants to explore the world even if it means it can kill her. Olly is a tall, limber, and muscular young man who dresses in dark clothes and likes to invent objects on this roof. He is quiet, and in love with Madeline.

SETTING: This story takes place in Madeline's home and Hawaii. Madeline’s house contains air vents to keep the air clean. QUOTE The house is almost completely covered in white decorations, white
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The only reason she stops talking to him after she gets sick in Hawaii is so he can move on without the struggle of taking care of a sick girl who can't go outside. The problem in the story is when Madeline gets suspicious about having SCID. Her mother diagnoses her with SCID right after her father and brother die in a car accident seventeen years ago when Madeline was one. Madeline was always sick when she was a baby and once her father and brother died her mother thought it was a good idea to keep her out of the world and the best way to do that is to diagnose her with SCID. Madeline's mother is still damaged and morning from the loss from when her husband and son died and doesn't want to lose her daughter to the world. After Madeline realizes her mother has been lying to her about being sick she leaves to apologize to Olly for ignoring him for six months. The resolution to the problem is Madeline can see the world, travel, eat exotic meals, and live

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