Essay Magnetism Lab 19

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Magnetism – Lab 19

Go to and click on Run Now.

Part I:

1. Move the compass slowly along a semicircular path above the bar magnet until you’ve put it on the opposite side of the bar magnet. Describe what happens to the compass needle.

The white lead of the needle faces the South part of the magnet in a perpendicular way. When the needle is facing the center of the magnet, the lead turns to a 90 degree angle, being parallel to the magnet. When the compass faces the North part of the magnet, the needle turns 90 degrees in the same direction until the red lead if facing towards the North of the magnet.

2. What do you suppose the compass
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|Compass position (arbitrary |Magnetic Field Strength (fill in |
|units) |units) |
|-5 |4.26 G |
|-4 |7.42 G |
|-3 |16.50 G |
|-2 |39.66 G |
|-1 |180.20 G |
|0 |300 G |
|1 |283.93 G |
|2 |53.39 G |
|3 |18.37 G |
|4 |8.81 G |
|5 |4.69 G |

4. What happens to the value of magnetic field strength inside the coil?

Stays at 300.00 G.

5. Graph the compass position on the horizontal axis and magnetic field magnitude on the y axis. Print your graph. Make sure to label the axes and title the graph. [pic]

a. Is your graph symmetric? Yes.

6. Using your graph, what is the relationship between magnetic field strength and position? (Use the

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