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MADONNA: The reign of the queen of pop

The music industry is full of one hit wonders and brief careers. Pop stars that remain at the top for decades are very few; and even fewer can claim to be one of the wealthiest women in the world, running a highly successful business: this is Madonna’s story of sustained competitive success.

Described by Billboard magazine as the smartest businesswoman in show business, Madonna Louise Ciccone began her music career in 1983 with the hit single ‘Holiday’ and in late 2001 enjoyed critical acclaim for her latest ‘Music’. By 2001, Madonna had produced 51 single tracks, 14 albums, had undertaken four world tours and had major roles in five films.

It is estimated that this twice married mother of two had
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She has consistently inhabited and achieved success with one persona, thrown it off before it faded and created a new and equally profitable image.

Madonna’s early poppy style was aimed at young ‘wannabe’ girls. The image that she portrayed through hits such as ‘Holiday’ and ‘Lucky Star’ was picked up by Macy’s, the US-based department store. They produced a range of Madonna look-alike clothes that mothers were happy to purchase for their daughters. Madonna then underwent her first image change and in doing so, offered the first hint of the smart cookie behind the media image. In the video for her hit ‘Material Girl’, she deliberately mirrored the glamour-based, sexual pussycat image of Marilyn Monroe whilst simultaneously mocking both the growing materialism of the late eighties and the men fawning after her. Media analysts Sam and Diana Kirschner commented that with this kind of packaging, Madonna allowed the record companies to keep hold of a saleable ‘Marilyn image’ for a new cohort of fans, but also allowed her original fan base of now growing-up winnable girls to take the more critical message from the music. The theme of courting controversy but staying marketable enough has been recurrent throughout her career.

Madonna’s subsequent image changes have been more dramatic. First she took on the Catholic Church in her video ‘Like a Prayer’ where, as a red-dressed ‘sinner’,

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