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Michael Vanchieri
Ms. Loos
World Religions
6 January 2012


Introduction Neivanism is a religion based off of snow. The religion i found where ever there is snow all year round, on the poles, on mountaintops, but mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska.
Contrary to where Neivanism is practiced, the religion originated in Spain. The story goes that a man named Carlos was stuck in a freak snow storm in Central Spain. The storm lasted for 4 days and for 4 nights. Carlos blunders bout in the storm for this days, and before dawn on the fifth day a figure appeared to him. The figure was tall and broad, and wore a coat of pure white. He introduced
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Next come the men and women of the religious community. They are both on the same level and share the same rights. Children come last in this community, they are the students, they must learn how the system works before they are fully introduced into the religion. The religious interaction between people comes from the twice daily prayers at sunup and sundown, this is the equivalent to a Catholic mass. To be converted to this religion a person must have a meeting with one of the priests and have date assigned for them to come to the shore. On that date several priest go with the soon to be convert, strip him of his clothing, and walk him into the frigid waters. From there they pour water on their heads and slowly submerge there body. When they finally pull them up they are converted.
Neivanists have not many sacred relics, but there a few that hold much importance for them. Every year they carve out two statues. One is a depiction of their god, and the other is a sculpture of Carlos. Both of these statues are carved before the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage occurs every summer solstice, when the sun is up for a full 24 hours. Only adults can make this jounry for it is to the Arctic Circle, which they believe is Hladgunnr’s realm. The only holy relic that the religions holds is the ship which transported the first converts to this land.
When the children of this religion turn sixteen, it is tie for them to truly join the religious community. To

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