Machine Gun Kelly Essay

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Machine Gun Kelly/H.C.L George Barnes (Machine Gun Kelly) was born on July 18th, 1895. He wasn’t very well known as a young criminal. He made most of his profits as an illegal bootlegger throughout his years and began to make a name for himself underground with his various minor arrests and run-ins with the law. It was in 1927 that he got arrested and put in jail for a couple of months for bootlegging. There he met some bank robbers began his road to infamy. It was in 1930 that George earned his name as George Machine Gun Kelly when he went up to Minnesota with his fiancée Kathryn Throne. There he started a bank robbing spree with Kathryn throne and associates Thomas Holden and Francis Keating skewering the country and robbing any bank …show more content…
They had to come up with heist that would set them up for life and the Kelly’s knew exactly what to do. As the Kelly Gang’s moral began to boost Kelly made various attempts to kidnap people. Finally after months of scheming the Kelly Gang cooked up a plan to abduct Charles F. Urschel. Charles was a vastly wealthy oilman and resided in Oklahoma. He was a married man and was next on the Kelly Gang’s to do-list. On July 22nd, 1933 the Kelly Gang crashed one of Charles’s parties and abducted him along with another man named Walter Jarrett. Kelly, using his trademark Thompson machine gun, shot bullets all over the place (without killing anyone) in order to show-case himself and enhance his publicity amongst the media members that attended the party. Charles was taken to a farmhouse in Paradise, Texas and was held for over a week. They set the ransom for Charles at two hundred thousand dollars and once they received the money they released him the next day. Urschel however was vigilant during his kidnapping and was able to give the detective on this case (Melvin Purvis) information although he was blindfolded such as the fact that a plane passed over his head every day at the farmhouse at the same time and the amount of time they were on the road after his kidnapping. In return Melvin Purvis was able to pinpoint their location except for the fact that they were already gone. They found Kathryn’s mother and with her mother they found her father and

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