Macdonald And Elbow's Reading And Thought By Dwight Macdonald

Essay 1

Writing essays to some is a simple assignment of writing down ideas, to others it could be a long process of analyzing, organizing, and writing which could be overwhelming. Readers who spend more time reading and analyzing an article will have an easier framing their thoughts and drawing better conclusions of the text. In his article “ Reading and Thought” Dwight Macdonald, He sends the message that most people now don 't spend enough time analyzing their reading. People aren 't taking the time to stop and think about what they 're reading before expressing their opinions. Most people miss out on the opportunity to be well informed and make compact decisions based on the little information they could retrieve . Macdonald contradicts
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Thought is an idea or proposition conducted by thinking or occurring quickly in the mind. Macdonald reminds the reader that one 's thoughts aren 't gained by a simple skim of a text you have scavenge your way through the text to find the main ideas and detail so you could get the right ideas. Then you can write down all your thought that way you avoid confusion and have an organized essay. The way Elbow uses thought is by explaining it as a process of gathering information you don 't need structure all you need is the ideas of what you want to write about. Thought is the important thing or else you wouldn 't get ideas running in your …show more content…
As you are purposely avoiding all the minor but, instructive detail that you didn’t notice in your first reading attempt. Going back and analyzing doesn 't just make the writing process more organized,but it also keeps you on track with what the main idea is. If you go back and look at the article you would find key information that could help you build ideas. The thoughts I get after reading are direct thoughts usually are my opinion pinion on the subject. If I decide to write down everything I was thinking off I wouldn’t realize they don 't match the ideas of the essay which is something Elbow emphasizes and not a very cleaver idea. Taking the time to analyse the readings is very helpful when writing because it helps you not only stick to the prompt, but gain fluent ideas as you write so everything is well organized throughout the description of the essay. As Elbows method requires lots of problem solving within your brain, which to me is too much to ask for as it makes the writing process much more difficult. I would say most people just like me tend to avoid that ,and rather stay on a clear and more simple path that allows them to more sufficiently, write an

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