Mac Cosmetics Case Study

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MAC is a professional make up retailer owned by Estée Lauder, known worldwide for their amazing high quality items and social obligation. MAC is trusted by numerous experts and regular individuals. The brand has numerous devoted clients both young and old. MAC is most popular with females between the ages of 18 to 30. In spite of the fact that the brand has a vision to offer products for individuals of all ages, older demographic is less mindful and less loyal to the MAC brand. MAC offers great quality products sold at a quality­based price. Their products range from make up brushes, eyeshadows to lipsticks and so on. These products are accessible to consumers in over 1000 locations around the world. These areas are in more than 70 nations …show more content…
The companies well known and unique style brand image, has made a solid celebrity following, creating exclusive collections with star 's such as Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, and Nicki Minaj, to name but a few (Celebrity Endorsement Ads, 2011). The brand gets a tremendous amount of verbal support from expert make up artists. MAC values making high quality, fashion forward items, in which they pride themselves in. Furthermore, MAC has a program set up called the "Back to MAC" where customers are rewarded by the company. The "Back to MAC" works by clients returning six packaging holders to a MAC beauty care products counter. The customer 's are then given a free MAC lipstick of their decision. From doing this, the organisation is making a loyal bond giving customer 's something in return for their dedication. This makes customer 's feel important and recognised by the company, by taking part in the …show more content…
MAC has the chance to make more freestanding stores instead of having a small area assigned for the company in a bigger retail store. There is also an opportunity to expand internationally, focusing specifically on Middle Eastern Countries, as blushers and foundations are now being designed particularly for more tanned skin tones. In today 's society, shoppers are now more health conscious, and MAC has the chance to advertise that the majority of their items are cruelty free and that they contain ingredients to a high quality. At last, existing projects like the MAC return program and the MAC Aids Fund present extra advertising for their beauty company. MAC are also able to capitalise on their current charity work, keeping in mind the end goal to produce more brand

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