Ma Dubai Case Study

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Mai Dubai.

Quality in Water industry Mai Dubai enters to the water market and there are strong competitors, for example, Masafi and Al-Ain. They focus to have a competitive advantage to compete them in industry. The first step, they choose the best and strong brand name is Mai Dubai which is one of the famous and smart cities in the world. The second step, they use the latest technologies and highest levels of quality as they have the best local and international standards. They have high-quality pure drinking water and low in sodium with a balanced blend of healthy minerals. The third step, they focus on product shape and design, they produced cups with two sizes and the bottles were inspired by
Dubai’s modern architecture,
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They want to be the first choice for customers by producing products without defects because if the product meet customer expectations it will be the best product for them and they will looking for it anywhere. Moreover, it will increase employees satisfaction which led to increase productivity, market share, and profit . Mai Dubai factory has received FDA, HACCP, ISO22000 and EQM certifications. In 2015, Dubai Municipality has choose Mai Dubai factory for the best factory in Dubai in Food Safety. This achievement led Emirates Airlines which is the best airline in the world to choose Mai Dubai to preferred it for all passengers. Now they exporting its products to 13 countries in Asia, Europe, and South Africa …show more content…
The challenging that company faced
The world faces many challenges these days either in the lack of clean water or in the running water category. Although the world is surrounded by watercourses, some countries face severe material problems. People are unable to get clean water to drink. To avoid all problems, businesses have been developing drinking water supplies. These companies are deeply purifying water and providing clean and safe water to citizens. Clean water is delivered by water bottles. Bottled water is very safe if it contains pure water. Major companies carefully control all issues in the filtration process. So Mai Dubai has a knowledge of getting raw materials into finished products. It is also challenging to get pure water But Mai DUBAI get the water from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority pumps.

Problems of Mai Dubai
The problem that Mai Dubai facing is by using different machines for packaging bottle of water . This machines occur problems with the design . According to this main problem we used different quality tools to analyze the causes of this problem

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