M1 AND D1 Development through life stages Essay

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Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of the individual (M1) & Evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of two stages of the development of the individual (D1).
Nature can be loosely defined as genetic inheritance or the genetic makeup (the information encoded in your genes) which a person inherits from both parents at the time of conception and carries throughout life. Several things in an individual genetically inherits include; ranging from gender, eye colour, risks for certain diseases and exceptional talents to height. The concept of nature thus refers to biologically inherited tendencies and abilities that people have and which may get
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The reality is that nature and culture interact in a host of qualitatively different ways. (McLeod 2007)
Nature vs. nurture could refer to really intelligent people. One reason given for their being so gifted at learning and acquiring information might be that it's in their genes. They have really intelligent parents; a high IQ... i.e. their genetic makeup has enabled them to be intelligent. And likewise, you might argue the opposite for very unintelligent people. (Nature)
Whereas some people might argue that it's how that person is raised. The child’s parents gave him all kinds of means to learn with, or encouraged his education from an early age, etc. The ‘less intelligent’ child’s parents, on the other hand, kicked him outside all day, kept him from school, called him stupid, etc. (Nurture)
In my opinion, both nature and nurture have an effect on the development of an individual. Having read both sides, I personally believe that indeed nature does have a significant impact on the holistic development of the individual. In my opinion, our personalities are related to our genetics. I have a very similar temperament to my father, which supports my view. My sister on the other hand, has a temperament which is very similar to my mum’s. Also, I believe that our intelligence is genetically driven. Some people are naturally more intelligent than others and this cannot be disputed.
Of course, nurture with regards to intelligence and personality is

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