M & M Home Care Essay

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M & M Home Care is a company that was destined to be founded. Having worked in the medical field for ALL of his adult life, Michael Malecki had a great awareness of the need for quality care for those who had been catastrophically injured. Malecki began working with the Detroit Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and later began a Registered Nurse working in Detroit area Emergency Departments. In 1995, Malecki established M & M Nursing Services, Inc. (a nurse staffing company) and ProHealth Home Care, Inc. (a private duty home care company). With a lot of hard work and long hours, Malecki gained experience in many areas of business.
M & M Nursing Services was a 10 year old nursing agency that employed over 450 Registered Nurses and generated just over $6M in revenue before its sale. The company was a BDO Seidman and Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce “Future 50 of Greater Detroit” award winner 3 years in a row. Malecki was even received recognition in Crain’s Detroit “40 Under 40” – recognizing the growth of M & M Nursing Services.
In 2007, after selling the company to a publicly traded corporation, Malecki took on various nursing administrative roles at some of the most outstanding health organizations including the University of Michigan and the Henry Ford Health system.
With a desire to "do it better than anyone else", Malecki started M & M Home Care. With his astute knowledge of business, a keen foresight for future trends and a passion to succeed,…

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