Lung Cancer: The Cause And Effects Of Lung Cancer

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Of 172, 570 people who were diagnosed by lung cancer in The United States in 2005, only fifteen percent will survive for five years. Lung Cancer is the third most common form of cancer but is the number one killer among cancer patients. Lung Cancer claims more lives than colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer combined. Cancer is an ancient disease. Mummies, some even 2,500 years old, were discovered in Peru with lumps that clearly suggest cancer as the cause of death . Lung cancer is the carcinoma that affects the lungs, which is the abnormal growth starts in the epithelial cells that line the bronchial tubes and the alveoli. The roles are to draw oxygen from the air that the cells need to stay alive and expel the toxic carbon dioxide. If the lungs are not working properly, every part of the body will suffer and that is exceedingly difficult on your body. However, lung cancer is a form of genetic susceptibility known as hereditary. As explained from the American Lung Association, smoking causes …show more content…
The first stage of inhalation of smoke is how the body must repair the damage. When smoking cigarettes, they consist of many substances. The main substance is carcinogenic, which is the biggest cause for lung cancer. The only way to get rid of the substance carcinogenesis is medications. Reported exposure while inhaling smoke. This reported causes lung cancer because of the normal cells that line the lung are being damaged. During this stage, the normal cells are increasingly damaged and the body must repair itself. This is hard on your body because the body is trying to stay healthy but it keeps getting bad exposure. According to Mayo Clinic, damaged cells are what develops during lung cancer and this occurs when the cells are lacked of oxygen so the body shuts down (Mayo Clinic). As a final point, the inhalation of smoke is very atrocious on your

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