Essay on Lucky Calkins Is A Well Known Innovative Leader

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Lucy Calkins
Lucky Calkins is a well-known innovative leader, in the world of literacy, for her contributions to writing instruction. She is the founding director of the Teacher College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP), which is an information hub and teacher training center, for methods dedicated to teaching reading and writing to young children (Feinberg, 2007). Lucy Calkins is also the author and co-author of many books pertaining to reading and writing workshop instruction. She is also known for her work as an associate professor at Columbia University, where she directs TCRWP (Calkins & Harwayne, 1987). Lucy Calkins is a leader in the area of writing instruction because of her extensive professional development over strategies for teachers (Calkins, Hohne & Robb, 2015), her development of the writing workshop (Calkins & Harwayne, 1987), and her innovative approach dedicated to making writing personal (Calkins & Harwayne, 1991).
Guiding Questions
This paper was guided by three main research questions. First, what is the writing workshop? Second, what are Lucy Calkins suggestions on how to get children writing daily? Lastly, how do you motivate children to write?
Writing Workshop Writing workshop is designed around the idea of natural development, which is centered on the belief that literacy grows as a process, and that all children can learn to write well (Feinberg, 2007). This style of teaching writing has a “workshop” feel with a distinct structure or…

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