Lowering The Drinking Age Of Age Essay

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Is lowering the drinking age from age twenty one to age eighteen a smart idea? Many believe yes and yet there are still many who believe the drinking age should be kept at age twenty one. Age eighteen is considered the age of majority and legally considered to be an adult and with it comes all the rights and responsibilities of becoming an adult. This allows a person the right make the following decisions: vote in any and/or all elections, apply for credit cards, enlist in the military, marry without obtaining parental consent, divorce, rent, serve on a jury or even sign a binding contract. Even when a crime is committed and the person is age eighteen, this is legally considered to be an adult and cannot be tried in a juvenile court. So, again, shouldn’t the right to consume alcohol be the decision of a legally aged adult?
Alcohol consumption has long been a controversy in this country. Many may see it as a “right of passage” into adult hood. It is also seen as a rebellion against being told what can and cannot be done. Many adults believe young adults do not have the abilities to make responsible decisions in regards to consuming alcohol. Many high school age and even college age students drink in secret or hide behind closed doors. This can lead to binge drinking or even alcohol poisoning. Many parents also allow consumption of alcohol long before their kids reach legal age.

By lowering the drinking age to eighteen, there would be many opportunities for…

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