Lowering The Age Of The Drinking Age Essay

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Issue Research Paper
Lowering the Dinking Age

Jennifer Gillings
American Government POL104W
Thomas Boudrot.
11 October 2014

Jennifer Gillings
Thomas Boudrot
American Government POL104W
11 October 2014 People can at eighteen can smoke cigarettes, buy guns, fight for our country, they can vote, but they cannot have a drink. Lowing the drinking age could increase even younger ages getting ahold of alcohol and increase drunk driving. By lowering the drinking age it could help get rid of the hard partying behind closed doors, and binge drinking. Dinking has been around for a long time and throughout history it has changed here and there a little. We are all affected by this, because we are all given the option to drink when we are old enough. There are many people against this issue and many people for lowering the drinking age. There are many different ways we could be approaching this issue, because it obviously has flaws and we needs to address and fix it. Many notice the drinking age as an issue that needs help and needs to change, we just need to get it out there more and do something about it. We need to be educated and made aware of what is really going on. There needs to be a lower drinking age to fix many of the issues we are having today.
BACKGROUND OF THE ISSSUE At one point in time there was no drinking age. Eventually a drinking age was given at the age of twenty one and it held this for many decades. In the sixties and…

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