Love's Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy Essay

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In this Fascinating book Love’s Executioner and other Tales of Psychotherapy by Irvin D. Yalom, we can appreciated different techniques used in a session of Psychotherapy, this book was easy to read and understand and especially it was very addictive, making it the perfect tool and inspiration for psychology students who are starting to appreciate this career more deeply. There are ten different cases offered in this book, some patients share similar symptoms but still have different mental dysfunctions. Out of the ten cases I picked three: * Love’s Executioner (Chapter 1) * I Never Thought It Would Happen to Me (Chapter 5) * Therapeutic monogamy (Chapter 9)
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I found extremely difficult to deal with the way she would close off, how she would not be able to answer clearly, always answering with another question or simply evading the answers altogether. I found that extremely frustrating. At the end of the treatment Thelma’s bubble of imagination was finally pop, or at least that’s the impression she gave dr. Yalom, she came of as if she finally understood that the relationship with Mathew will never happened and deep down she wanted to blame Dr. Yalom for this, but also by pushing towards the meeting Dr. Yalom ended up pushing Thelma away from therapy for good. It made her open her eyes to a sad reality that she didn’t want to be part of anymore. He was recognized by other doctors as a successful case, because she did show signs of improvements at the end, but nobody knew the real reason of how he reached that success or why she had decided not to continue this anymore with therapy, but in reality she was still obsessed with Mathew and they continue seeing each other even after she had dropped therapy so, only on paper it seem like a successful case because in reality she still had the underlying conditions only this time she could deal with it on her own way. Perhaps because of my inexperience I would had gotten frustrated more easily than Dr. Yalom, or I would had let my emotions interfere, of course not purposely but is incredibly hard when you are trying your best to

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