Love Not Hate Can Rearrange History Essay

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Love Not Hate Can Rearrange History
Throughout life, we receive many lessons and in Under a Cruel Star, plenty are taught. This book displays our history as human beings. It shows us where we have come from and where it could take us. It puts a new view in our eyes about how we should live our own lives. Lives are shaped by the social norms. Unfortunately sometimes these social norms have us viewing things through rose colored glasses. This means we only see what we are told to see. We ignore that hate takes over and causes defimation in lives and worlds around us. The main point to remember is we can take the fact that love speaks louder then hatred.
We tend to accept the social norms given to us no matter if they are good or bad. These norms make us do things that we wouldn’t do normally. These social norms cause us to sit back idle while wrong doings happen. Kovaly displays this when she says “and when they were taking him away, all I did was shake my head and wonder. Can you believe that? I didn’t even feel sorry for him! My God what idiots we were!”(pg96). This displays the fact that people will accept anything in order to guard their own interest. They have no concern for those around them. Kovaly proves this point when she says “it is natural for people to think first of those for whom they ae responsible” (Pg. 117). Everything we do has a reason behind it, but the reasoning isn’t always as sane as we think. As we look at our own lives and apply this to it,…

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