The River Runs Salt Runs Sweet Chapter Analysis

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Around the world and through many different time periods every person has encountered intolerance, extremism and duality. The idea of the aforementioned words are constant themes within the book “The River Runs Salt, Runs Sweet” by Jasmina Dervisevi-Cesic. Throughout the story Jasmina speaks of her encounters with each of these situations and how her duality allows her to learn and come to peace with the terrors she has endured.
Around the world the act of intolerance is taking place. From intolerance of religion beliefs, race, ethnicity, gender and financial standing, the most infamous examples of intolerance is the Holocaust. Similar to the Bosnian genocide (Yugoslavian War) there were two different beliefs conflicting. In the Holocaust the Germans, who were under the rule of Adolf Hitler, ultimately decided to rid of Jews due to their skewed perception of them. In this instance the Jews were essentially caught off guard when this
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Within the journey the reader gains insight on situations that occur around the world daily and recognize them. Intolerance, extremism, and duality surround us but Jasmina shows us that there is no reason to allow things that may hurt for a second hurt for an unnecessary amount of time longer. The lessons that accompany this book not only give you a lifetime change in perception and awareness of things occurring right before your own eyes but a emotional, exciting and riveting story.

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