Love Marriage Is Better Than Arranged Marriage Essay

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Even though, the divorce rate is very low as compared to love marriages because some people try their best to maintain that relationship as long as possible. Love Marriage is better than arrange marriage because people are mature enough to judge, the positive and negative effects that relates to love marriage for themselves and you already know more about the person that you 're going to marry in the future. Also, love is true and contain many wonderful emotions and feelings that are involved in a love marriage. No one can’t force two people to love each other instantly. It takes time and comes from the heart.

Marriage, itself is a beautiful commitment between two people that love each other deeply. Before, love marriage truly expands its horizon around the world. Arrange Marriage was more common back in the day. Parents would tell their children, who they were supposed to marry without hearing from their perspective if they agree with this marriage or not. Back then, it used to be, if the person comes from a wealthy family. If that person was really well educated or in any cultural views if the person can cook and clean the house while watching the kids.

During, this time, period and more on into the future, everything have changed based on the idea of marriage like who to marry without considering religious values, gender, or other preference that people look into finding their soul mate because people are mature enough to judge the negative and positive effects…

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