Essay about Love Is The Sky And I Am For You

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“time is a tree (this life one leaf) but love is the sky and i am for you just so long and long enough”-EE Cummings

Love is a subject that people strive for. It’s a main point in poetry, music, movies, books, even advertisements. Each individual person has their own idea of what love they want in their lives, but can they put it into words? Written is a series of interviews based on love. The persons interviewed for this project were a generation apart. The four persons interviewed were Michelle, Tony, ____ and _____. Michelle and Tony are both 47 and are married. Each was asked a series of four questions related to the topic of Love. These four questions were: What is Love? What is Intimacy? What is Romance? and Do men and women love differently? Each response is their own and they have no previous information on this project.

What Is Love? Besides singing “baby don’t hurt me” immediately after hearing the opening phrase, how does one know exactly what love is? Love is a subjective emotion and has countless diverse definitions depending on who it is that is being asked. A child’s definition of love is possibly on the complete opposite spectrum than that of partners of over 50 years while others may not know or even feel love in their lifetime at all. Has one ever pondered the question, what exactly is love? The majority of people could say trivial responses similar to having a strong emotional connection with a person of significant importance to them or other basic…

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